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Finding Home: Kurt Reinschmidt

Phi Psi member, Kurt Reinschmidt

Kurt Reinschmidt is a member of Phi Psi, a social fraternity of balanced men with a focus on service at Oregon State.

What is the community like?
When our house puts its mind to something, we can have an amazing impact due to our numbers. We have adopted a road that we clean once a term and volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club once a term, too. Last spring term, we helped some older folks clean out their yard, and we were able to get an amazing amount of work done because we had 15 people working. It continuously surprises me how big of an impact we can make.

How have you grown from being involved?
I have grown personally and professionally from being involved with Phi Psi. Personally, it has helped me gain self-confidence, gain leadership and communication skills and finally, make friendships that will last for my whole life. Professionally, I have gained experience in managing large groups of people, organizing events and networking with others.

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Home Away From Home is a series created by undergraduate Santiago Garfias-Miranda and published by University Marketing to help students find their community at Oregon State. Find your home away from home in one of OSU’s over 400 student clubs and organizations. Explore the full series here.

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