Finding Home: Elizabeth Namagoba

BGSA member, Elizabth Namagoba

Elizabeth Namagoba is a member of the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA), an organization dedicated to making the Oregon State University community aware of and responsive to the needs and concerns of black graduate students. The BGSA serves as a professional and social support body for graduate and undergraduate students.

What is the community like?
I have had an amazing experience with this organization. Graduate school can be stressful sometimes, and it is always good to know that I have the BGSA family to support and encourage me.

When did you first feel a sense of belonging on campus?
My first BGSA meeting and social in fall 2015. Meeting different people who were pursuing their Ph.D. in various disciplines, some of whom were minorities like myself, made me feel like I can make it through graduate school as well.

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Home Away From Home is a series created by undergraduate Santiago Garfias-Miranda and published by University Marketing to help students find their community at Oregon State. Find your home away from home in one of OSU’s over 400 student clubs and organizations. Explore the full series here.

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