Finding Home: Taryn Cailene Lowes

16xOSU member, Taryn Cailene Lowes

Taryn Cailene Lowes is part of 16xOSU, an organization of student leaders committed to transforming lives and shaping a better world through entrepreneurial action. 16xOSU is open to all students as a social entrepreneurship club.

What is the community like?
The members of 16xOSU aren’t people you see once a month and only say hello. They are family. We see each other every week and are always talking about what we are doing — not just in school, but also in life. We encourage each other and are always pushing each other to reach our highest potential.  

What is your best memory?
The winter break trip to Nicaragua my freshman year was amazing. It was my first time traveling outside the country. I was traveling with people I had only known for a few weeks and was a little nervous. It ended up being an amazing experience, and I made some of my best friends, who I have been able to make many more memories with.

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Home Away From Home is a series created by undergraduate Santiago Garfias-Miranda and published by University Marketing to help students find their community at Oregon State. Find your home away from home in one of OSU’s over 400 student clubs and organizations. Explore the full series here.

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