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Reflecting on Civic Engagement

Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan is a sophomore majoring in business who has been greatly involved in community service. From assisting with a Habitat for Humanity project to volunteering at a blood drive to providing support at a Boys and Girls Club dance, Sullivan has made it a priority to work with local communities. Read below for his take on why it is important to engage in service.

Michael Sullivan sitting in SEC

Michael Sullivan believes in engaging with the Corvallis community.

I believe civic engagement to be one of the most important aspects of being a student leader. Receiving a college education provides opportunities for meaningful experiences and failures alike. This is where civic engagement comes in. As student leaders we have the responsibility to engage with the community that allows us to pursue our passions. We have an obligation to help create a prosperous community through service and civic engagement. Sitting on our privilege does nothing. It is how we use this privilege — through humility and charity — that truly allows us to grow as leaders on campus and throughout our lives.

—Michael Sullivan

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