So, since I’ve been more or less slacking on the whole blog posting thing the last couple days I’m going to do a quick recap. Two days ago we sampled some rocks…it was pretty standard. Nothing that y’all really need to hear about. Still pumped on pumice…yay Tephra Team!

Yesterday was a wee bit more exciting! The Tephra Team split up into two groups. Lydia, Tyler, Olivia, and I went to look at some really cool geothermal activity just outside the Rotorua area at the Waiotapu Geothermal Thermal Wonderland while Nicole and Elizabeth went to Hobbiton! The aforementioned group also, after observing a bunch of beautiful and smelly pools of water, went rafting on the Kaituna River! This river route has the highest commercially rafted waterfall at 7m (23ft) and some really amazing guides from Rotorua Rafting Company to lead you through the whole process. We only almost died like 3 times! Kidding. Or not. Go on the river and experience yourself. I would write more about this whole thing, but I’m tired and y’all probably like pictures more anyways, so here it is! Enjoy! After this whole trip is done with I’ll also have a video of the whole trip and you can see firsthand what we experienced.

Since I also know that everyone reading this thing is just as much of LOTR (Lord of the Rings) nerds as we are and are itching to know what Hobbiton is like, Nicole will post on that in the near future!

Tongariro crossing is tomorrow, so stay tuned for some pics of cool volcanoes and sweet views of the North Island!

Cool geothermal activity at Waiotapu.
Rotten egg gatorade water.
About to get wet!
Still optimistic that we’re going to make it down the 7m falls.
Well…that went well. No geologists were harmed in the making of this photo.
Even though we got soaked and thrashed around, spirits were still high at the end of the trip! Thanks to Tasmanian Tom, our guide, we’ll definitely be back next time we’re in Rotorua!
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  1. Wow! Fantastic! Cant wait to hear more about the rafting. The Coot and Grandma did a rafting trip with her siblings on a river in Georgia some place years ago – if you can believe that!

    We had 9 inches of snow 2 days ago. So be prepared for that when you get home to Wisconsin.

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