Haere mai

After 12.5 hours in the air, 3.5 hours in a car, skipping December 5th, a lot of caffeine, and a seemingly never ending battle against jetlag later…the Bay of Plenty welcomed us with open arms. This will be our base of operations for the next few days as we examine tephra and ignimbrites in the northern Taupo Volcanic Zone. We are limited to 100Mb of data per day per person while here aka enough to make this blog post and check email, so we will do the best we can to share with you our adventures! The Pacific Ocean is much warmer on this side than it is during the summer in Oregon, so wading into the water up to our knees felt extra refreshing.


I’m sure, that, as soon as all of our heads hit our respective pillows we will all have the deepest sleep we’ve had in a long time.


Tomorrow the science, and real fun, begins…but for now it’s time for Team Tephra to get some rest.

View of the Bay of Plenty from our home base.
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