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Food Service Director: Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf  November 19th, 2013

[] — This popular item at Oregon State University (OSU), served in the university’s Southern barbecue concept called Cooper’s Creek BBQ, combines beef and pork in a different way—by wrapping bacon around the meatloaf before baking. “I thought about all the ingredients that usually go into meatloaf and picked it apart and added some twists,” says Jay Perry, OSU’s executive chef. “I purée the mirepoix instead of dicing it. Instead of salt, I use soy sauce as my sodium. I use a finer grind on the meat and I love using panko as my breadcrumb. I serve it with cheddar mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.”

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Daily Barometer: Residents displaced, cramped  October 15th, 2013

[September 25, 2013 — The Daily Barometer] — Converted lounges housed some students in residence halls first 2 weeks of fall term

Roughly 65 students spent their first days at Oregon State University living and sleeping in converted student lounges within the residence halls.

All 65 students were transferred to permanent housing by the end of week two. Additionally, students were charged a discounted rate for their time in the temporary housing. The rate was equivalent to housing costs during breaks, at about $18 per day.

“This is more art than science,” said OSU President Ed Ray. “It’s like the airlines: You accept more people than you can actually accommodate because you don’t know who’s going to come.”

Fall 2013 is the second consecutive year that University Housing and Dining Services placed students in temporary housing.

Last year, the capacity for university housing was for 4,200 students. After converting double rooms to triple rooms found in Poling, Cauthorn, McNary and Wilson halls, this year’s capacity for university housing increased by 450 people. Even so, the university had a surplus of students.

This instance of temporary housing reflects the noticeably growing population at Oregon State. For fall 2013, housing services faced both the newly required on-campus housing for first-year students, as well as an unprecedented number of returning students who opted to live in residence halls.

To convert the lounges into functional living spaces, UHDS replaced all lounge furniture with the standard bunk bed, wardrobe and desk found in the usual dormitories.

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Twenty-five Notable Gluten-Free Friendly Colleges for 2013  October 8th, 2013

[October 4, 2013 —] — As part of a nationwide change on the part of colleges and universities to address food allergies and sensitivities, more and more campuses are offering gluten-free foods to their students. Here is a list of some of the most notable so far, in alphabetical order:

Oregon State offers students a list of all of the gluten-free options served in each on-campus dining hall or cafe. At some locations, these options may be limited, but at larger dining halls, gluten-intolerant students will find a wide range of safe, healthy and tasty gluten-free food.

A registered dietician is on hand to make sure that dietary considerations are met.

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Congratulations to year-end award winners  May 30th, 2013

University Housing & Dining Services hosted the annual “Dianne’s” award ceremony on the evening of Tuesday, May 28. Here are some of the students and staff that were recognized at the event:


  • Dianne Marie Finklein Memorial Scholarship: Brenda Dao ($1000), Gabriela Busto Ramos ($750), Karla Chavez ($500)
  • Residential Education Staff Member of the Year: Courtney Darr – West Hall
  • Dr. M. Edward Bryan CommunityDevelopment Award: Dustin Fernandes – Weatherford Hall; and Gabriel Hernandez – Bloss Hall
  • Academic Excellence Award: Rachel Rosenbaum – Weatherford Hall
  • The Dianne Marie Finklein Creative Spirit Award: Colton Taylor – McNary Hall
  • External Black Belt of Caring Award: Dale McCauley– AEP
  • Internal Black Belt of Caring Award: Jill Childress, AD Student Conduct & Community Standards
  • After Dark Outstanding Participation Award: Jeffrey Tsang, Late Night & Leadership Program Assistant

The Cooperative House Awards “Coopies”

  • House Member of the Year: Sarah Hewett-Dixon Lodge; and Maddy Greathouse-Oxford House
  • Executive Council of the Year: Azalea House
  • Executive Council Member of the Year: Michelle Scarborough- Azalea House; and John Ngo- Avery Lodge
  • President of the Year: Lauren McGee – Dixon Lodge
  • Cooperative House of the Year: Avery Lodge



Video: KVAL – A taste of Tuesday: Duck helps Beaver chef win  April 8th, 2013

View the video at the source: KVAL TV, Apr. 3, 2013.


CORVALLIS, Ore. – Jay Perry knew he wanted to be a chef at a young age.

“When I was 18, I saw the chef at a hotel I was in,” said Perry, chef at Oregon State University Marketplace West Dining Center. “The chef was 34 years old, and back then all chefs wore all white. Just that look that respect when he walked through the kitchen, I said to myself, ‘That’s what I’m going to be.'”

Perry wears the white chef coat at OSU – and earns respect through competition. Chef Jay took home silver from the National Association of College and University Food Services competition in Reno, Nevada.

“It kind of bridges a gap between the university and the housing and dining of just understanding that we’re here representing the school as well when we are doing these competitions,” Perry said. “It’s not always about football and basketball and baseball, but cooking is a part of the university as well.”

For a chef at Oregon State, the competition’s choice of protein – duck – was a feast fit for a Beaver.

Winning awards means a lot, but Perry sees cooking for college students as part of the larger mission of the university.

“Eating is an essential part of their education,” he said. “To eat right is good for the mind, it’s good for the body, it’s good for the spirit, so when we are giving them good food and giving them good options, it keeps them happy, it keeps them focused on what they come here for: to get an education.”

Important end of the term information  March 6th, 2013

As your Winter Term is winding down, please be aware of the following dates and information:

End of Term and Check-out: All halls and cooperatives, with the exception of Bloss, Finley, Halsell, Buxton, Cauthorn, Hawley, Poling, Sackett, the International Living-Learning Center and West will close at Noon (12pm) on Friday, March 22. Students should plan to vacate their Residence Hall or Cooperative House within 24 hours of their last exam. Students with late Friday final exams or travel circumstances are allowed to extend their stay no later than noon the following day, Saturday, March 23. Students needing to stay over Friday night due to these reasons must make arrangements to stay late, which is done through the “Late Stay” link on their MyUHDS account ( and contacting their Resident Director or Cooperative Director by 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 20. UHDS staff will be doing health and safety checks of every room to ensure rooms are free of safety issues like waste in the trash, windows left open, or appliances plugged in (curling irons, extension cords, etc.). To be most prepared for these checks please see the checklist below. If you want to be present for your room check, contact your Resident Assistant, Cooperative Director or Resident Director to schedule a room check.


Break Housing: Residents assigned to open halls (the ones listed above) may remain in their rooms during the break if they sign up for break housing. The deadline to sign up for Spring Break housing is 5pm on Wednesday, March 20 and can be done through the “Break Housing” link on their MyUHDS account ( A weekly rate of $126 will be assessed for break housing. If you are an INTO OSU student, this charge is already included in your housing rate.


Returning to Campus: Residence Halls and Cooperative Houses open for Spring Term at 9am on Sunday, March 31.

Questions: Please contact your Resident Assistant, Cooperative Director, Resident Director or Service Center if you have any questions. You can also contact our main office at 541-737-4771 throughout the break. Please have a safe and enjoyable Spring Break!


Leaving for break checklist:

1. Securely close and LOCK all windows.

2. Pull all blinds/drapes into a closed position.

3. Open heater valve. The valve should be turned to the left.

4. Unplug all electrical devices, including computers, hair dryers, curling irons/straighteners, holiday lights.

5. Unplug, defrost and remove all perishable items from your refrigerator.

6. Remove all garbage and recycling and dispose of it in the outside bins. There will be a $45 charge if staff have to remove garbage from your room.

7. Remove any fire hazards.

8. Turn off clock radios and alarms.

9. Take trays, dishes, etc. back to the dining centers.

10. Turn off all lights.

11. Return any “extra” furniture to the place of origin. Failure to do so will result in conduct action being taken and possible fines.

12. Lock your door behind you as you leave.

13. Take your keys and student ID card home with you. Remember to bring them back so you can get into your room.

Chef Jet to visit Oregon State on Thursday!  February 6th, 2013


Acclaimed chef and Food Network television personality Jet Tila will be headline University Housing & Dining Services’ Lunar New Year: a journey through culture and cuisine on Feb 7. Tila completed on “Iron Chef America” and is a judge on the popular show “Chopped.”  Thanks to his background and education, Tila is comfortable in multiple roles as a nationally celebrated chef and consultant, a teacher and a student in the art of food.

This celebration of the first day of the lunar calendar will take place on Thursday, Feb. 7 at Marketplace West’s Ring of Fire restaurant.  Lunch will be served from 11 a.m. to1:30 p.m. and dinner will be served from 5to 7 p.m.

Chef Jet will be demonstrating his cooking technique and his recipes from 12:30 to1:15 p.m. and 6:30 to 7:15 p.m. with time to meet with students, OSU staff and faculty and the general public.  He will also be available for media interviews.

The menu will feature Chef Jet’s Asian Broccoli Salad with Crispy Noodles and Spicy Basil Pork.  The menu will also include Roasted Duck Leg in Mandarin Orange Sauce, Braised Beef Short Ribs in Plum Sauce, Buddha’s Feast with Tofu (vegetarian), Crispy Spring Rolls, Sweet Sticky Sesame Rice Cakes and other culinary favorites.  The meal will cost $9.

Video: Chef Jet on Vimeo.

Returning students: Time to think about room selection for 2013-14  February 5th, 2013

Returning UHDS residents can select their room, building (and if they choose, roommate) from April 1 to April 30. Returning Oregon State University students, who are new to on-campus housing, can pick their room starting April 3.

The housing application (how you will select your room) will go live by April 1. Returning students can expect a great selection of rooms, because they have priority selection before it opens to new students. You can find the application at

Not sure where you want to live next year? Consider attending our upcoming open house! It’s a chance to tour buildings that you are interested in, and win great door prizes.

Open House, 5 to 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 18.

Featured residences:

More information to be posted soon. For questions, call 541-737-4771 or email


Photo contest: Show us your room  October 29th, 2012


This fall, University Housing & Dining Services brings you the chance to win plasma TV for your room and to be featured in photos for upcoming UHDS publications.

How to enter: Submit a photo of your room, your name, and short description of what makes your room unique via Photo submissions will also be added to Facebook album on the UHDS Facebook page.

Prizes: Grand prize winners will receive a new 32” plasma television sponsored by the Residence Hall Association. Second and third place winners will receive a gift certificate to the OSU Beaver Store. Top six finalists agree to have their rooms featured in photo shoots for UHDS.
 Each room is limited to one photo; photos submitted must be your own room; photos may include you or your roommates in them; photos that show anything that breaks UHDS rules will automatically be disqualified.

All contest entries are due by FRIDAY, NOV. 9.


START: From all angles  July 11th, 2012

[Daily Barometer, July 11, 2012] — For all involved in a START orientation session at Oregon State University — from incoming freshmen, to parents, to the START leaders themselves — the process is tiring, anxious and exciting all in one.
For those who never participated in one themselves, or just forgot because it was so long ago, a START session  is a guide for first-time OSU students to get shown the ropes, and be comfortably acquainted to their new life in Corvallis.
A typical START orientation consists of “introductions, team-building stuff, going over information. They also have an academic presentation that they go to for their college,” according to ElyseLipke, a START leader.
On top of those things, there are also academic workshops, an information fair for clubs and groups on campus, tour of the residence halls, Dixon Recreation Night, and of course, registering for classes and picking up an ID card.

Cont. …

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