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Daily Barometer: Valuing culture, equality, solidarity

Posted February 20th, 2013 by nanjan

[Daily Barometer — Feb. 20, 2013] — Most have heard the term “social justice” before but may not realize how important it is for the health and well-being of our diverse campus. Social justice refers to equality and solidarity found in society.
Jesseanne Pope, a junior majoring in student affairs with a focus on social justice, has experience with this topic in her role as community relations facilitator.

As a live-in social justice and diversity educator in the Oregon State University residence halls, she has spent this year interacting with new students, encouraging campus involvement and promoting informative events about social justice, diversity and identity.

Pope’s enthusiastic interest in social justice issues began through the lens of women’s issues, such as reproductive rights, equal pay and sexual violence.

“I value humanity and think that most people nowadays have drifted far from the core meaning of humanity,” Pope said.

Pope recently attended the Social Justice Real Justice Conference from Feb. 14-16 at the University of Oregon.

According to the website, the conference had goals to “promote personal growth, leadership development, cultural pluralism, community education, positive social change and the ending of human oppression by exploring ways to mobilize and organize.”

Students led the conference with a focus on leadership and cultural openness. Additionally, the conference focused on issues related to women, ethnicity and LGBT rights.


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