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Daily Barometer: Chef brings a taste of China to West

Posted February 11th, 2013 by nanjan

[Daily Barometer — Feb. 8, 2013] — Before last night, celebrity chef Jet Tila had only been to Oregon twice.

“All I knew about this area is that you make good Pinot,” Tila said, preparing a demonstration on how to cook stir fry “like an expert.”

In an effort to liven up cultural dinners on campus, Jay Perry, Chef de Cuisine at the Marketplace West dining center, asked Tila to prepare traditional Thai and Chinese food. Tila was happy to come to Corvallis.

“I expected more knit caps and hacky sacks,” Tila said. “It’s all wet and cold. I’ve never been in a land of such green.”

Tila is was born and raised in Los Angeles. Tila grew up in his father’s Thai restaurant and with his grandmother’s traditional Chinese cooking. With these inspirations, he helped cook and serve lunch and dinner to a total of 652 Oregon State students, staff and the Corvallis community.

Working in the concept Ring of Fire, Tila had the opportunity to teach and cook side-by-side with Marketplace West employees.

“Working with [Tila] was fun,” said Majed Abdelras, a sophomore in business management.

“It would have been really stressful,” said Shayna Haack, a sophomore in human development and education. “But he was making jokes the whole time.”

Tila would step back from cooking to interact with the customers in line. He was curious to know who was eating the food and where they were from.

Read the full article on The Daily Barometer’s website.


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