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Leadership in Social Change to award $5,000 summer internships

Posted February 29th, 2012 by UHDS News

The Leadership in Social Change Award provides $5,000 for a summer internship in an organization that works for social justice.

If you are a sophomore, junior, or senior in the College of Liberal Arts, College of Science, or College of Education who is interested in issues of equity, justice, and social change, this award will support a summer internship that will allow you to gain valuable experience working in a social change organization. Your internship must involve some form of active work for social change—advocacy, public policy analysis, worker organization, community development, education for social action.

Application deadline is April 1, 2012.


Your application consists of five parts:

1)    a complete application form and answers to the questions listed below,

2)    an unofficial copy of your current transcript,

3)    description of the nonprofit organization(s) and internship job descriptions under consideration,

4)    your resume, and

5)    three academic references (name, phone, and email).

Student ID number:





Class Standing:


Previous volunteer involvement including date, organization, and job title:


Please answer the following questions (on a separate paper) and attach your answers to the application form. The combined responses should not exceed two single-spaced pages (i.e. ½ page per question, or approximately 300 words.)


1)    What are your ideals for humanity or for an ideal society? What have you already done to contribute to this ideal? What would you like to change in this world?


2)    How would this internship support your educational, career and life goals?


3)    List three learning objectives (skills and knowledge you expect to learn) from your internship.


4)    How do you see yourself influencing individuals, groups, organizations, or institutions after you complete this internship?


Please return your completed application to:

Karen Mills
School of Language, Culture, and Society
Waldo 236

For more information, contact:

Dr. Susan Shaw
Transitional Director
School of Language, Culture, and Society
Waldo 234


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