Topics we will explore include:

UAS applications in transportation:

  1. Bridge inspection
  2. Communication tower inspection
  3. Construction site monitoring
  4. Rockfall site monitoring
  5. Transportation network monitoring
  6. Others

How to initiate and manage a UAS program within an transportation agency/organization:

  1. Contracted vs. in-house acquisition
  2. Personnel training (e.g., Part 107 preparation, internal training, flight training)
  3. Aircraft and sensor selection
    • Aircraft types: multirotor vs. fixed wing, gas vs. electric, endurance, payload and other considerations
    • Flight management
    • Airspace analysis, project planning, flightlines
    • Sensors
      • Danger in focusing too much on the drones, and not enough on the sensors
      • Lidar, high-res RGB, video, multispectral, hyperspectral
      • Positioning
    • Data Storage Requirements
    • Beyond FAA regs: Privacy considerations, agency regs, state/local regs
    • Maintenance
    • Reporting

Demo Flights

Flights over OSU test sites using a variety of aircraft (some combination of those listed below) and sensors:

  • Lidar drone (s1000 + Velodyne Puck + OxTS direct georeferencing system)
  • S900
  • Mavic
  • senseFly albris

Hands-on in CCE computer lab

  • Open discussion of challenges and solutions
  • Open to all participants for either a formal presentation or just open discussion