Is the current model of online advertising dangerous?

  • The potential hazards that the current model of online advertising presents for society?

After read the assigned readings and videos, I had more cognition about the current model of online advertising presents for society. First of all, many sources provide trustable information that visitors’ privacy right are being challenge because of the current online advertising, especially retargeting. In textbook chapter 7-4, introduces how retargeting works. Personally, cookie is like your footprint in the online world. Some people could do something bad by collecting your personal information, such as preference, record, age, gender to achieve what they want. There is a great example from the real world and our textbook also uses which is Cambridge Analytica. This company did do its corporation responsibility well because it should collect the data from Facebook’s users and report to Facebook, instead of sell users’ personal information. I didn’t notice how serious this problem is until this year because I am a Taiwanese, and we will have the president election in 2020 January. We all have known that some specific groups might use the data from social media to manipulate people’s will from Cambridge Analytica case. To be a professional marketer, I believe these example are valuable in your mind.

  • How dangerous the current model of online advertising is?

According to these assigned readings, we know that there are many ways to set ads online. Personally, I would like to rate the current model of online advertising with level 4. To defend my decision, I will use a Taiwanese position to give some examples. 2020 will be an extremely important year for Taiwan because the election of president will be held in January. As far as what I have known, there is a country trying to manipulate the result. This country has invested much money into many organizations and media, and spreads ads in everywhere, such as news, newspaper, and social media. You might want to say what the relationship between online marketing and society issue. The reason why I mention this because every website or product that I have searched could be used by some bad people. Furthermore, have you ever had the experience that you are being monitored? This week, many ads about digital cameras show on my youtube, facebook, and Instagram. I think these information show on these platform because I did many research about camera features these days on Google. As the retargeting principle, this should happen frequently, but I still feel being monitored.

  • The ethics you should have if you are the marketer.

1. Keep customers’ information safe. (Personal information: age, address, phone number, etc.)

2. Make sure the ads on your website are safe.

3. Contact with customers when their data are unsecured.

4. You should always check the security of your website.

5. Make sure the content match with the ads.

6. Set the age limit if the ads are sensitive.

7. Should have third-party certification.

8. Make sure the ads show on the right time and right place (rank).


What To Do When Your Webpage Doesn’t Rank

To verify why your webpage doesn’t rank, there are some aspects that you might need to check: relevance, target search phrase (key words), and creating high-quality web pages.

How relevance influence your ranking on searching engine? This is a great question to ask yourself before you make any change. Uniform Resource Locator is an address of worldwide web page. If you are an online retailer (Sam’s Premium Coffee Bean), sells coffee beans from different areas. You must make sure that your brand name and products both shows on the URL; otherwise, searchers are not able to visit your web pages by URL. Here is the example, if your URL of the landing page is You need to add different categories for your web pages, such as natural beans, washed beans, Arabica, Colombia, Blue mountain, and Mandheling in your main title and sub-title. The reasons why this method can improve your ranking because this method can build your website logically and simplify the searching process for your visitors.

Target search phrase (key word) is another important factor why your web page doesn’t rank. Basically, the direct impact for target search phrase are competition and relevance. The competition of target search phrase means how popular the key word is. Unfortunately, coffee bean is number twelve ranking which means that coffee bean is a high competitive key word in the searching engine. To diversify the key words, there are some key words might be valuable to be added, such as homemade roast beans and featured beans. Moreover, I would like to suggest you to design your web page as following strategy. First of all, set your URL with key words which can direct the visitors to your landing page or web page. Secondly, build connections between your landing page and web pages. For example, landing page must have many categories about coffee beans, such as place of origin, honey process, fair trade, level of roast, and flavor (sour, bitter, and aroma).

The last reason why your web page does not rank is your web page’s quality. There are some index to determine how good your web page is: loading time, content, and bounce rate. First of all, loading time is an important factor that influence the conversion rate and ranking. Nowadays, people live in high speed environment. We have already gotten 4G cellular, and 5G cellular will be launched next year. These appearances make people be impatient. You have responsibility to minimize loading time as many as possible. Here are some helpful information: Secondly, you should treat content more carefully because this will have direct impact to your rank. In online coffee bean shop case, you can have many categories as what I mentioned earlier; however, “you might need to check your content is not duplicate because Google has a algorithm to punish it”. Moreover, simplifying the web page is also your responsibility because people don’t have enough patient and focus to find the valuable information.


5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

A great place to master how to create the conversion rates!

As a good web designer, you have a responsibility to inspire potential customers’ awareness, interest, desire, and to let them take action.

We need to understand what conversion rates is before we start to design our own blog. Conversion rates is a method to calculate how many people visit your website or landing page. Here is the formula: Conversion rate = (conversions / total visitors) * 100%

  • First Step: Follow the “NBALPWACG” description, which is the abbreviation of “Never build a landing page without a campaign goal.” To implement this rule, we need to define what your goal is, and this goal should be accomplished as possible as it could. For example, the website I reviewed which is a third-party platform. It is so clear that the website is selling sport gears, such as braces. Better Braces website:
  • Second Step: Well, we have already known what our campaign goal is. Next step is to define our target market (audience). Our target market (audience) might be professional athletes or part-time athletes. How can we attract their attention? As an athlete, he/she must find the gear belong to the sports they work for. So, the landing page can have many blocks with images and words to tell people what content you will see after you click it. Tip in second step is to let people search the website easily and fast by setting obvious categories and key words.
  • Third Step: After we settled our website down, we can start to classify our customers and potential customers. As the concept of SEO, we can roughly classify our customers to two different types: old members and new potential customers who have not yet register the membership. Based on SEO principle, we know that there are three different traffic types: direct, referral, and search. SEO is like a funnel with filter, our server can recognize who visit our website first time. So, our plan is to divide them to the new visitor page, which has the guideline of how to become our member and policy (discount). If they register for our memberships, they become our members which means that they have already passed the filter (fallen to our trap?).
  • Fourth Step: What are we going to do next after the potential customers become our members? Well then, you need to do your best to keep them and to make them purchase more items!!! A few ways might be useful to keep them, such as sending they emails or DM about the discount information. Furthermore, BetterBraces is a company which sells sport gears. So, a better idea is to provide a discount when you purchase over a number, instead of purchase five times, then you get the discount because nobody wants to hurt their body in different parts frequently.
  • Final Step: Finally, we probably have done the jobs we need to do, but let me remind you that nothing is perfect. So you need to keep asking yourself three question: What are you offering? Why should I pick you? What do you want me to do next? To optimize your website searching, these question will be helpful when your conversion rates decline because we need to find the internal issue first. Remember, website is like a funnel, so the true customers are who have passed the filter. Keep them and discover the new potential customers!