5 Ways To Increase Landing Page Conversions

What is a conversion? A landing page conversion rate is used to see the performance of your landing page and tells how well your audience is responding to your call of action. After reading this blog you will get an understanding how 5 simple steps will increase your conversion rate and have a more successful landing page. 

1 NBALPWACG – never build a landing page without a campaign goal. The first step to increase your conversion rate should happen before you actually start to build a page. Before you can start building and putting the pieces together you have to make sure you or your company has a solid plan or an achievable goal. If not then you could really be doing more harm than good because your landing page may be rushed or missing an essential part.

2. Low Attention Ratio – The next step to increasing conversion rates is to have a low attention ratio. An attention ratio is the ratio of the number of things you can do on a page to the number of things you should be doing. An ideal attention ration is 1:1.This is very important to have a low attention ratio because the shows that your page is simple and effective. Having a high attention ratio would represent a landing page with way too much content or information that would ultimately leave the viewer discombobulated. 

3. Context – It is important that the ads displayed on the site match the information that is being displayed. If you ad displays a discount then make sure that when a viewer clicks on the ad it will take them to a page that displays a discounted product. Another part of context is to have a header that grabs the viewers attention and matches up with you call to action. This is important for drawing in viewers. If your context does not match your CTA than viwers may get confused or lose interest. 

4. Congruence – Making sure that every element on your landing page lines up with your campaign goal. It is important to only show the viewers content that line up with your campaign goal because if you have an incongruent page than viewers will click on an ad that will take them to a different page. The goal is for the viewers to stay on your page. 

5. Closing – The last step to increase your conversion rate is closing which is applying positive click triggers and eliminating negative impulses. It is important that your closing does not lead viewers to get anxiety or think anything is sketchy about your page. This will lead them to rethink their decision about buying your product. 


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