Joe Enger and his friends get a picture with a cheerleader after the game.
Ben Forgard gets back from his duty just in time to send a good luck message to the Beavers!
“After rushing the field and breaking free from the crowd. So excited to WIN! GO BEAVERS!” -Hailey Bragg
Ray Felina gets a picture of his kids wearing their best Oregon State gear!
“First game of the season? We woke up ready! Go Beavs!” -Riley Evans
Nancy Alexander enjoys a pre-game tailgate with her friends and family in front of the Chavez Center.


Another contest runner-up, Drew Hatlen, storms the field with his friends.
Amelia Cobarrubias posing for a game day picture.
Contest Runner-up, Dlanie Coates, throws up the O with her friends during the game.



“My 3 daughters and nieces ready for the BIG opener!” -Aaron Starwalt
“Oregon State Bachelor’s Degree – $100,000
U-Haul to move to Seattle after graduation – $200
Waking up to watch my first OSU home game in 4 years on TV in my Beaver Snuggie – PRICELESS” – Meridith Stanley (OSU Alum 2008)
Sami Kerzel and her friends get together for a picture on a classic OSU Game Day
“This was at the Wisconsin pre-game tailgate. Bucky did not want to have his photo taken with a Beaver, he must have know this would come back to haunt him!” -Liz Shatzer
Lindsay Bedford and her family get ready for the Game day atmosphere.
Linda Galeazzi and Sedonia Gentry celebrate the OSU Touchdown
David Davis “just taking in the moment.” after Oregon State beat Wisconsin.
“I attended OSU, Pam did not and she has not been to a college football game in 39 years!” -Carole Morris
Ashley Bedford has some fun at Fan Fest before OSU vs. Wisconsin.
Angela Meyer Melissa and Michelle Gorby attending their first Beaver Football Game, and their first football game ever!!


Elena Myre and her friends celebrate on the field after the upset of Wisconsin.
Maddie Young travels with her family to hang out with the cheerleaders.
Kate Carlos celebrates along with the rest of Beaver Nation after beating Wisconsin.
Grace Goodson showing us her son, Gabe, at his first tailgater.
“Landon’s first Beaver Game at 4 1/2 months old!” -Mindy Keithley
“A couple of future Beavers!” -Tania Nash
“Woop woop! It’s game day and let me tell you the energy is intense!” -Natasha Barauskas
James Rodgers surprises Jason Noland and his friends at a tailgater.
My favorite quote I overheard as we were headed onto the field was someone saying as they were coming off, “Great job rushing the field Grandma!” -Scott Richardson
“Preparing for the Wisconsin game on 9/8/12 at the KidsZone with my son Noa and cool swag” -Lori Gibson