February 12th, 1:00-2:30pm, Furman 405.  (Following the iPad Update Brown Bag.)  Refreshments provided.

You are welcome if this is your first time or if you only wish to stay for part of the meeting. If you were at the last meeting and completed the Mixed Map template, Cub welcomes you to email it to him or bring it to the next meeting.   (You may access the Mixed Map template and other useful forms we will work on at the Center for Teaching and Learning Hybrid Course Initiative site.


Here’s a look at the Feb. 12th agenda:

Topic: Hands-On Getting Started.  Identify and take your next step.

1:00-2:00 pm

  • Mixed Maps Samples
  • Hands on with Course planning chart
  • Hybrid Course Schedule chart.
  • What makes the hybrid different from an online class?

2-2:30 pm

  • Small group break out sessions or time to discuss with Cub.

See you there!

5171518129_c0726de339_qWant to learn more about the College of Ed iPads available for instructors to check out for class use?  Join members of the Tech Committee for updates, discussion and question/answer time.

Date: February 12, 2014

Time: 12-12:45 pm  (We will begin and end promptly due to room scheduling. You are invited to stay for the Hybrid Study Group meeting, same place beginning at 1 pm.)

Place: Furman Hall 405

Please direct questions to Sara Wright or Cheridy Aduviri.

Here’s a great new set of links to recommended Educational Productivity Apps from WCET. This is the latest addition to WCET’s Featured Mobile App Series.

IMGP1972What’s WCET?  It’s the Western Insterstate Commission on Higher Education Cooperative for Educational Technologies.  WCET is an important voice in the enhancement of teaching and learning through appropriate application of technology in higher education.  If you’re interested in educational technology, hybrid course development, or online teaching and learning, then you’ll benefit from WCET’s resources.  OSU is a WCET institutional member, and WCET’s 2014 annual conference in November will be held in Portland.

What are your favorite educational apps?  Add a comment to tell us! first College of Ed. Hybrid Design Study group meeting was both interesting and productive!  Turnout was great. Join us for one or more of the upcoming meetings. Refreshments will be served thanks to Cub Kahn and the Center for Teaching and Learning.

When: Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 29 10-11:30 in Furman 411A. (The first hour will be dedicated to discussing the topic of the day and looking at related research and resources. The last 30 minutes will be for small groups to meet and work on curriculum design, or for individuals to ask Cub questions.)

Topic: Hybrid Best Practices, Resources and Research, and Planning Forms, Charts, and Templates (Preview some of the resources on the Hybrid Resources page.)

What to Bring: Curriculum you wish to work on (especially if you wish to come the last 30 minutes)

Upcoming: Cub Kahn is in the process of scheduling guest speakers.  Take a sneak peak at the topics and guests planned to-date.

For more details about the Hybrid Design Study Group, see the Winter Hybrid Study Group page.  Further questions can be directed to Cheridy Aduviri or Jennifer Bachman.

Happy designing!

Licensure PicCheridy Aduviri thanks those in attendance at the licensure meeting! The presentation was entitled Beginning Conversations + Resources + Support.  The Prezi presentation can be accessed HERE if you wish to review the videos or explore the resources provided.  Don’t miss the Alan November video!

Interested in making a Prezi such as the one used in this presentation?  It’s fun! Here’s a link to Prezi for Educators.  There are many other alternatives to PowerPoint.  Check some of them out on the When Tech Met Ed Presentations page.

Happy exploring!

Our students are beginning to expect more and more online content and opportunities to access courses at home and during off times. How can we go about meeting these needs and designing quality hybrid courses? Join other faculty in the College of Ed. in actively working on hybrid course redesigns in a collaborative environment.  Bring your ideas, questions, and curriculum.


First meeting January 15, 10-11 Furman 411A  (Refreshments provided!)

Agenda for first Hybrid Study Group Meeting

  • Cub Kahn from the Center for Teaching and Learning will kick us off with a general discussion.  What is a hybrid course?  What are effective ways of doing hybrid?
  • Group will decide outcomes
  • Group will decide meeting time/length  (60 min or 90 min) and finalize dates.

Upcoming meeting dates

Jan 29, Furman 411A, 10-11:30

Feb 12, Furman 405, 1-2:30

March 5, Furman 405, 1- 2:30

March 19, Furman 405, 10-11:30

Please let either Cheridy or Jennifer know if you are interested or have any questions.  We hope to see you there! term 2014 the College of Ed is partnering with Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to offer a Hybrid course design Study Group. This is a pilot project focused on redesigning on-campus courses to offer a more diversified experience to students by utilizing the best of both face-to-face and online learning. This pilot study group is open to all faculty in the College of Ed., individuals or program teams, who want to get right in and redesign courses with support in a collaborative atmosphere.

If you or your program team are interested in joining the Winter Hybrid Study Group, please contact Cheridy Aduviri or Jennifer Bachman ASAP.  We will answer your questions or put you on our list of interested people. Sessions will be held in Furman.  Members will be asked to attend once to twice per month (frequency to be determined by the group.)

Cub Kahn is the Hybrid design expert in the OSU CTL and will lead this study group.  Here’s a link to some of his work.