Collecting Layers of Time

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The last couple of days off the Oregon Coast have been foggy. The fog encompasses the ship with its gray sky and gray seas. During this time of low visibility the ship sounds a blast once every couple of minutes to alert other nearby boats.

This afternoon as the sun tries to burn off the fog, the science crew prepares to take several core samples. By the time everything is ready, the sun finally makes a strong appearance. With the sun warming the day, they set the corer up and deployed it off the ship and into the ocean. Down at 80 meters the corer was plunged into the earth to collect a 2 feet section. Three different sections were successfully collected today.

deploy the cores

deploying the core

bringing the core aboard

bringing the core aboard

Later, in the cold lab the core is carefully sliced into the layers that will be sent to different research labs throughout the country. The layers of the core represent periods of time over which the sediments have slowly settled onto the ocean floor. From the core sections researchers will gain a better understanding of the biological, chemical, and geologic history of the area being studied.

a good core sample

a good core sample

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