Getting Ready to Sail

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For me, part of getting ready to sail is taking a walk around the area. I’ve been to the beach before, lots of times, but suddenly now my perspective of things seemed very different. I was soon to be out on the ocean surrounded by people who study its complex ecosystem. I walked for hours, curious about everything I saw along the beach: including the children that dig and build simple structures in the sand,  the rock outcrops that suggest a complex past, and the washed up debris that give a glimpse of what lives in the sea.  All this brought up questions; some I could answer and others I could not answer. I realized that being a scientist doesn’t mean that you have all the answers, it just means that you are curious and you want to try find the answers.

Each voyage out to sea is a voyage of discovery. Each scientist on board is interested in finding at least one more clue that will help him or her to answer a question. I am on board with these scientists to find out what kinds of questions they have about the ocean. In my next blog I will begin to share these questions with you. I also hope to entice you to ask questions. Maybe together we can come up with new ideas to explore and new ways to discover the answers.

Look at this picture carefully. IMG_0014

I was immediately curious about what this is and where did it come from.
I picked one up and discovered that it is like a short straw. The tube can be squeezed between the fingers but the shape returns when released.
Is it animal, vegetable, mineral, or man-made? What is it?

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