Writing Exercise #11

It felt a bit odd doing the review of someone else’s paper in such a formal way by filling out a review form. It kind of made me rethink some of the areas in my paper that could use improvement. I have never done such a detailed review before, looking for very specific things in people’s papers. Most reviews I have done before involve mostly just reading through someone else’s paper and checking boxes such as grammar, structure, answering of the prompt. But this review had us looking in-depth at how the author of each paper found evidence surrounding controversy using primary research and the way they were able to convey it to their audience. Additionally, it incorporated a review of how they used their evidence to support a thesis and a recommendation for health in regard to their specific topic. Some things I learned to apply to my essay is to look over the way I explain research to the audience to make sure it is appropriate and understandable. Additionally, look over and make sure I tie that evidence back to my thesis and recommendation in a way that supports the bigger picture and context of my topic.

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