Writing Exercise #8

  1. There have been many things that have been very interesting to me in my time of this course. The first of them being how microbes of the gut have influence over obesity. Another one is how the dysbiosis of microbiota cause/have heavy negative influence over gastrointestinal diseases and cancer but probiotics are able to restore microbial communities and have positive impacts on diseases. The way probiotics and antibiotics are heavy influencers over gut microbiota, with antibiotics actually having a more negative effect than positive. The way microbes influence our metabolism has always amazed me thus far and I am most impressed by how the microbes in obese people are different than in healthy people and break down molecules differently.

3. The influence of microbes over obesity has been particularly interesting in this class. Some experiments have shown that the fecal transplant of obese people’s microbes into germ free mice has had increased adiposity when compared to mice inoculated with lean persons feces. The microbial community of obese people are usually at a dysbiosis and don’t have microbes that can metabolize certain compounds that are important in preventing adiposity development. Lean microbial communities have microbes that produce short chain fatty acids and metabolize simple carbohydrates and are insulin sensitive while many bacteria found in obese individuals are insulin resistant and do not promote the uptake of glucose like they do in lean individuals.

4. To begin preparation for my final essay, I will start to research and look for articles about microbes influence over obesity. I will find articles that explain the dysbiosis prevalent in obese individuals and how the microbes or lack of microbes affect the molecules metabolized by an individual. I also want to find out how the microbes of obese individuals affect their insulin sensitivity. Lastly, I will explore articles on how microbes affect inflammation in obese individuals and the consequences of that induced inflammation.

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