Writing Exercise #5

Generally, when I am making a conscious decision about what food I am going to consume I generally try and eat the healthier option. When I say healthy I mean, staying away from very greasy meals or meals loaded with carbohydrates. I try and eat as much protein as possible, such as chicken, as well as as many vegetables as possible with my meals. I generally try and monitor my carbohydrate intake as I don’t find too much nutritional value in just eating a large amount of carbs in order to be full. I always try and include vegetables because I believe they are a great source of vitamins and provide immune system boost as well as very supportive of other physiological functions. When I do choose to eat out I generally try and eat sandwiches from places such as Jimmy Johns or grocery stores, staying away from just large amounts of greasy foods like hamburgers, pizzas, and fried food. I think that these choices have a positive impact on the microbial community in my gut. Eating less fast food and eating more protein and vegetables promotes the growth of healthy bacteria and bacteria that can break down these healthy foods. Some of my non-intentional decisions may have negative affects on my microbial community though. I sometimes get cravings for sweets or chocolate after a nice meal and that leads me to search for and eat foods loaded with sugar on occasion even though I know I shouldn’t be eating them. This could be promoting the growth of unhealthy and possibly virulent bacteria that are not good for my stomach. Overall, I believe I keep a good balance of foods in my diet that promote an overall healthy gut microbiome.

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