Most Important Lesson

I recognize that a lot of my classmates did not complete this assignment, but the thing that I learned the most from was the “How to Play to Your Strengths” final graduate assignment. To provide context, the graduate students were required to reach out to 5 individuals in our life and ask them to tell us what they perceived as our greatest strengths were. After completion, we then analyzed the data and compiled it into a job description. However, for the purpose of what I found most important, the second half was just supplementary. 

Despite the fact that I hated asking for others to in essence tell me what they liked about me when I received my responses it made my day. The main reason why is because some aspects about myself that I did not necessarily view as a strength others saw as one of my best strengths. Even though I recognize how important knowing the laws and regulation are to be aware of and structure interviews around, I have taken other courses that have covered the implications of improper recruitment strategies, but I have yet to take a class that asked me to gather information from those around me about myself. 

By flipping the script on how one analyzes what their strengths are it allows a more holistic understanding of how to play to your strengths. I also appreciated how we were not asked what our weaknesses were (as this would be what I would focus primarily on). If you have not read this article and participated in the exercise, I would highly recommend you to do so because it has given me a new confidence that I did not have before. 

Lastly, this information that you gather about yourself can be utilized in many different ways throughout the job process and once you start working in a company. My perspective is that it will really be essential post-hire as you are able then to shine in the tasks that you do on a daily basis at the organization. For instance, one of the aspects that was highlighted about myself was that I am very optimistic. This trait can really be of use to my advancement in a company as I am able to leverage my perspective, especially in a difficult situation to how that will be a benefit to the team I am working with. 

If you have a moment this Summer I would really recommend reading over and doing the activity that this article instructs. 

Have a lovely Summer everyone!