Cultivating Self-Reflection

  1. What am I good at? 
    1. I am really good at not settling for “less than” what I know I am capable of. This takes a variety of forms as my skills range depending on the focus, but I am persistent and give every task my all. I am also very good at time management and understanding how to allocate my time to achieve my desired results. 
  2. What do I value?
    1. I value recognition for my contributions and advancements. I do not enjoy staying in the same position for long if I know that I am not able to move up. Lastly, I am pretty motivated by money as it provides stability. 
  3. How did I get here?
    1. I put myself in positions a lot of other individuals would not necessarily like to do. My path really started being defined in high school when I worked hard and was able to graduate with approximately 37 transfer credits. Then in college, I stayed very focused and engaged with campus activities to allow me to graduate in 3 years. Now, I am able to teach in the Communication department (which covers tuition and gives a living stipend) and will finish my Masters next Spring term. 
  4. Where am I going? 
    1. If I continue down this path, I do anticipate having career success. However, I also am trying to get more mindful to slow down and take more time to enjoy where I am at and the people around me. I am very much a workaholic but I want to try to incorporate a bit more balance in my life.
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2 replies on “Cultivating Self-Reflection”

Great point about valuing recognition for your contributions and achievements! I think a lot of people are afraid to acknowledge that, or to make it clear that that is something that is important to them.
That is amazing that you had almost a year of college credits when you graduated high school! It seems like you have always been on a path that is very focused and controlled, and that you do not wander at all or allow yourself to get off track. I’m glad that you are acknowledging that you want to slow down and stop and enjoy life a little bit more than you have in the past.

You value advancements – as someone who is content to stay in one position I don’t resonate with that, but am curious – do you think there will be a time when you’re happy where you are, or do you think you’ll always be striving to advance?

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