Extraversion: My score indicated that I am average in this category. This means that I enjoy being around others, but also need time alone. The test indicated avoidance of crowds, a high activity level, and expressing optimistic emotions. Agreeableness: My score indicated that I am low in this category. This means that I show less concern with others’ needs and am viewed as tough, critical, and uncompromising. The test indicated I assume people have good intentions, believe a certain amount of deception in social relationships is necessary, more likely to intimidate others to get their way, and have high self-confidence. Conscientiousness: My score indicated that I am high in this category. This means that I set clear goals and pursue them with determination and being viewed as reliable and hard-working. The test indicated I am confident in my ability to accomplish things, well-organized, strong sense of moral obligation, strive for excellence, strong will-power, and think before acting Neuroticism: My score indicated that I am low in this category. This means that I am exceptionally calm, composed, and unflappable. The test indicated I believe something dangerous is about to happen, free from depressive emotions, focused on long-term consequences or desires, and am more poised, confident, and clear-thinking when stressed. Openness to Experience: My score indicated that I am average in this category. This means my thinking is neither simple or complex. The test indicated I focus on facts, am uncomfortable with change, love to play with ideas, and challenge authority.  

If an employer were to look at these results I believe there are a few things that would stand out as “red flags”. One of these areas and I will also state I do think this looks worse than it is, would be agreeableness. If the employer is looking for an individual who will come to work and just perform as told, I would not be a good fit for that company. Primarily because if I see a way to improve efficiency within the organization I will state my opinion. Additionally, if my name is going on a document or representing me I want it to be done to my satisfaction. I firmly believe that reputation is everything in business and as a result, I want everything my name is on to be well polished and professional. 

An area I think employers would be happy to see is that I scored very high in conscientiousness and low in neuroticism. While these may not be strong characteristics in every industry, I am hoping to pursue a long-term job in consulting with Deloitte, and in this industry, it is important to establish a strong work ethic and stay steady during stressful periods.

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