Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

When asked: what is your brand, my response would be such: I am not afraid of public speaking; I currently have taught over 120 students. I will be the first person in the office, and the last person to leave. I am very driven; currently, I am the youngest graduate teaching assistant in my department by over a year. I am not afraid to try something new, even if I know it is not in my wheelhouse. When I was senior year, I took a business statistics course as an elective that way I would better understand the methodology being used in quantitive research papers. Lastly, I worked with upper management to develop new procedures to ensure employees would have proper avenues to use if they experience sexual harassment from customers. I did this because I believe it is my job, along with all of my coworkers, to make sure we have a workplace environment that is supportive, inclusive, and safe for everyone. 

I think a unique way to express this to future employers is through sharing short statements that support every claim that you make. For instance, if they ask you what are your strengths, have a few keywords to emphasize but after each one tell why you choose this word or what is fitting about this. While doing this I think the best approach could be through bolding keywords, or if using a video as a means of distribution, have an image appear with the keyword and then include your responses. For instance in the video, the image could appear “hardworking” then flash to you giving your short fun response to why you possess this quality. I strongly believe that it is important to show your face and if possible, hear the person’s voice and see active facials, beucase just words on a page or on a screen can’t carry the same impact as a fun video where you would receive all of those non-verbals. 

Another fun way I think this could be done is by creating a video of what other people around you think of you or how you are to work with. In this way, you build your credibility by incorporating other individuals. Additionally, I think it is often easier to talk about the qualities you love in another person than it is for you to speak about the qualities you think you do well in. 

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I really like your method to present your strengths to employers is very unique and creative! I believe having supportive evidence to back up your claim is a great idea, and would definitely make you stand out against other candidates. Additionally, presenting this information through a mix of voice, facials, short statements, nonverbal language, etc. would not only indicate that you want this information to be known but also that you put in a lot of thought into it. Thanks for sharing!

It was so nice to hear your story. I really love it! It seems that you got a lot of working experiences. It was really great that I could hear you believe it is your job, along with all of your coworkers, to make sure you all have a workplace environment that is supportive, inclusive, and safe for everyone.

That sounds really cool that you taught over 120 students. That will clearly show how confident you are at public speaking. You really did very well on showing your own brand. I also think that sharing short statements will be enough for the employers followed by evidence to support the statement.

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