Response to Discrimination

In 2018, Victoria’s Secret Chief Marketing Executive, Ed Razek was asked why the annual fashion show did not include plus-size or transgender models. His response to why they don’t have transgender models included was such:

“No, I don’t think we should. Well, why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special. That’s what it is” (Cadens, 2018, p. 1).

Despite the fact that I am not part of either community, this comment appalled me. What right does Ed Razek have to say what constitutes a fantasy? In fact, Nikita Dragun responded to Victoria’s Secret by making a video that demonstrates and epitomizes the “fantasy” Victoria’s Secret is attempting to sell. And as I am sure you could predict, she is a Trans Woman.

Before Razek’s comment, I shopped at Victoria’s Secret. However, once I was made aware of their beliefs, or the beliefs of a single individual it made me shift my purchases to another brand. While I recognize that not all individuals associated with the brand hold this belief, but in a market where I have agency over which companies I support, I will support a company that does not ever endource this behavior especially within executives.  

Lastly, I am asked to respond to the question if this would impact my decision to work for the company in the future. 100% it has influenced me to never work for this company. As women, society influences our perceptions of how we view ourselves and our worth. I refuse to work in an environment that continues to perpetuate these harmful stereotypes and ideologies around me. Where we work will consume a large portion of our lives. Therefore, I want to work somewhere that makes me proud to go to work everyday and upholds similar beliefs. 

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Hi Taylor,

This was a really interesting read! It sounds like you have your mind pretty made up when It comes to feelings regarding VS. Fortunately as a guy, they probaly won’t be getting a whole lot of my business either haha. Overall great job, and I think you had some very good points. Thank you, Brett

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