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Fall term, I was attending every sort of career workshop I could find. Trying to find an internship as a Graduate student is much harder than it sounds. But, one day I went to the first of a four meeting series with Deloitte and thought that I could maybe see myself finding a place in this company. 

I ended up attending every meeting that was held and received word that I would have the opportunity to interview. Prior to the first round of interviews, Deloitte hosted a dinner at McMenamins to help ease the stress before the big day. That night, we talked about our personal lives and honestly, work was never central to the conversations.

For the interview process, Deloitte has case and personality interviews. Case interviews were difficult because they were very technical — a skill I would not consider myself an expert on. When it came time for my personality interview, I was placed in a room with the head of the Portland office. To my surprise though, we spent a large portion of the time talking about our favorite books. The next day I was invited back for round two. Later that week, I was offered a Summer Scholars Internship in the Human Capital Consulting sector. 

After being extended an offer, Deloitte invited both the students offered full positions and interns to dinner at del Alma. That night we ate incredible food and talked the night away. I recognize I just briefly glossed over the actual interview, but it was because it was the interactions that happened outside of the formal process that made me fall in love with the company and people. Because of that, I accepted the offer and will, hopefully, begin my 8-week internship in June. 

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