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Next-generation air monitoring

By Gayle Hagler, PhD, U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development

Tuesday, December 10th, 12 noon PT,  3:00 pm ET

Soon you will be able to lounge on a bench in a public setting and use your smart phone to get real-time data on the air quality around you. It’s all part of a project being co-led by EPA scientists Ronald Williams and Dr. Gayle Hagler.

Air pollution measurement technology is advancing rapidly towards smaller-scale and wireless devices, with a potential to significantly change the landscape of air pollution monitoring. The U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development is evaluating and developing a range of next-generation air monitoring (NGAM) technologies, with potential applications including supplementing regulatory air monitoring networks, fenceline monitoring of source emissions, and personal exposure assessment.

An example recent effort is the EPA Village Green Project – a solar-powered system incorporated into a park bench that measures fine particles, ozone, and meteorology and streams the data to a publically accessible website. EPA also recently led multiple workshops to stimulate collaboration among sensor developers and air monitoring participants, as well as supported technology development through sensor performance testing.

This presentation will provide an overview of emerging air sensing technologies and discuss challenges and opportunities for future air monitoring.

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