As we begin to close out the term, it’s time to begin thinking about how to prepare for your final exams. Final exams generally cover several weeks of information and can often times feel stressful and overwhelming. Creating a strategy on preparing for them can decrease the stress and those overwhelming emotions.

Your strategy should take into account the gathering of your materials and notes, reviewing previous tests, creating study aids, and setting time aside to study. It is best to develop a study plan that takes into account those steps as well creating a schedule to review and study. As you begin to create a schedule to review and study, it is best to study in chunks and intervals. Research has shown that studying in intervals over a period time leads to better recall and long-term retention.

Here a couple of examples of study plans that detail the process over 14 and 7 days out from your final exam.

Developing A 7 Day Study Plan 

Developing A 14 Day Study Plan


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