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Signature Update!!

Posted by: | April 29, 2010 | No Comment |

You have probably seen a wide variety of students around campus asking for signatures for the SEC petition. We needed 2,760 signatures, but our ideal goal was 3,000. We needed these signatures by Thursday, April 29th at 5PM. After weeks of scrambling, I finally am here to give you the great news:

We reached our goal and THEN some with 3,021 signatures to turn in. If you signed it or even just took the time to listen to one of the students, thank you so much. This effort could not have been done without your support, and words cannot express how excited the team is to move forward with the campaign of a building that is getting better and better by the day.

It’s not over yet, though. Voting starts next month so keep an eye out for the latest updates! Thanks again!

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