Last Friday Oregon State University’s Media Services facilitated a Skype call between and OSU’s professor Chris Goldfinger of the College of Earth, Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences. While OSU can provide satellite, microwave or fiber optic connections to national and international broadcasters – and frequently does – sometimes, we’re asked to do it the “cheap and easy” way. Well, this is what a Skype call looks like when we do it:


Cheap, maybe. But easy? Our goal is to make a Skype call look like anything but a Skype call. And that means proper networking, staging, lighting, cameras and microphones. When the producer told us “It doesn’t look like Skype,” we knew we’d accomplished our goal. The end result was this segment on

It’s somewhat disappointing to see that doesn’t stream at a higher resolution or bitrate as you’d have a better opportunity to see the quality and clarity of our connection. But we have done this with other news outlets in the past.

If you’re ever called upon to do an interview with a broadcast network, Media Services will be happy to assist. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 541-737-2121.

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