Finance intern Paul Heim will be blogging about living and working in London.

To read about Paul Heim’s internship and day-to-day experiences in London, read his blog, From Oregon to the U.K.

Paul Heim
Paul Heim

The last thing Paul Heim wants from his college experience is to sleepwalk through it. For the junior finance major, really being in college means getting involved in his campus community. And he has. Heim was the vice president of regulations for the Interfraternity Council at OSU. He’s been the finance director for ASOSU, and a member of the selective Oregon State Investment Group, which manages $1 million dollars for the OSU Foundation.

“I want to have the best college experience ever,” says Heim. “That’s why I’ve gotten so involved. My goal is to do so much more than just go to class and graduate,” Heim says. “I would credit becoming an involved student and leader on campus with Greek life and my fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha. When you live with 60 other motivated people, it pushes you to become more engaged in and out of the classroom.”

Part of Heim’s experience also means taking his studies beyond OSU’s campus in Corvallis, and even beyond the U.S. Heim, a Portland native, is currently working as a finance intern at St. James Place in London, a wealth management firm for high net worth clients that is in the heart of the city’s historic financial district.

“I’m so excited about this opportunity. I will be working directly with clients in asset management, alternative funds, and corporate and institutional finance,” Heim says. “I think it helped them see my value that I had so much hands-on experience managing money, especially in a university setting.”

After reaching out to dozens of U.S. companies for internships, all of which said they cut their programs due to the recession, Heim found St. James Place through the agency University of Dreams. During his time in the city, Heim is living in Nido Place, international housing in central London.

And the job is exactly what he was looking for. “I was interested in a purely financial experience. I didn’t want to get into the marketing end of things, cold-calling people or working in sales. I wanted to protect people’s money and grow their wealth.”

After he finishes his internship in August, Heim will spend a semester studying international finance at Lund University, at the southernmost tip of Sweden, through the Arthur Stonehill Study Abroad Program through the College of Business. The semester will earn Heim an international business option when he graduates at the end of next year.

“I’m really looking forward to experiencing the culture. I’m looking forward to how challenging I know the courses will be in Sweden,” Heim says.

In the future, Heim plans on graduating and working in a smaller financial firm somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, particularly Portland, whose culture he loves. And Heim, an avid journal writer, hopes to gather his chronicle of college experiences into a book and publish it in the future.

While he is in London, Heim will be keeping a blog about his work, day-to-day experiences and travels.