The goal of the SoTL journal club is to create a space for faculty and graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) who are interested in discussing empirical research to improve their pedagogical practice. This journal club is hosted by psychological scientists at Oregon State University. We believe that psychology is a science uniquely positioned to inform teachers about best practices for teaching and learning. We aim to create an inclusive journal club where faculty and GTAs from across the university can meet to discuss innovative applications of science to challenges we face in the classroom.


For Fall 2019, the primary contacts for the SoTL Journal Club are Raechel N. Soicher, M.A. (PhD candidate) and Dr. Jason McCarley (School of Psychological Science faculty). For more information, please contact soicherr@oregonstate.edu.


This journal club will emphasize applied research contexts. We aim to bridge the gap between promising principles of teaching and learning in laboratories to those that are effective in real classrooms, with real students and teachers. Attendees will leave each journal club with concrete ideas about how to apply what was discussed to their own teaching. We openly welcome faculty and GTAs from throughout the Oregon State community to attend and contribute to our discussions. Empirical evidence to support better teaching can and should be applied across all disciplines.

How to Participate

Links to papers will be posted in the calendar (see archive list below). After our meetings, major discussion points will be added as a post to this blog. Meeting dates for Fall Term are Thurdsday, October 24th and Thursday, November 21st, 1:30-2:30pm, in Reed Lodge room 219.

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