Solidarity For The Ladies In White

I feel that alot of the time, even with the world at our fingertips, we are so sheltered from what’s happening around the world.

This story for some reason has really stood out to me, these women and their struggle for freedom and the strength they have to keep on fighting peacefully regardless of how they are being treated is just amazing to me.

It’s times like these that I wonder, even at 19 years old, if I’m really making the most of my life? I only hope that I can learn to enjoy every moment at it’s fullest.

I try when I’m having a bad day to step back and evaluate everything that I have (I usually conclude at how much of a spoiled american brat I am, just by being in this country, even though I know of people who are much WORSE than me).

Anyways that was my rant of the day :]]


At the moment I am absolutley, positively obsessed with French pop singer Sliimy.

I could listen to this interview forever, I love the way he speaks in french.

Here is one of his singles – Paint Your Face.

I also love how he sings acoustically. He seems like he has such a great personality.


Oh man! or girl?

I love online shows!! I spend most of my time in class or at the library so when I come home I am  so happy that I am able to catch up on my shows.

One of my favorite shows is RuPauls Drag Race. There is something fascinating about watching someone transform completely before your eyes.

If you’ve never seen or heard of RuPauls Drag Race, it is a reality competition to find the next big Drag Queen Superstar. Twelve men compete for one title doing all kinds of crazy tasks: commercials, photo shoots, and games.

This is my favorite part of the show. Each contestant (two) that is up for elimination has to lip sync “for their life” Check out this example.

If you had to lip sync for your life, what song would it be to?

I would probably lip sync to Britney Spears. HA!

Spring Break In The Hood.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve tuned into the Winter Olympics. Watching all those athletes on the snow made me think. I thought about why I haven’t learned to do any of those sports for recreation.I love the snow but living two hours away from the mountain is a little inconvenient so learning an alpine sport like skiing or snowboarding are really year-round options. But I’ve decided that I am going to learn how to snowboard. I’m young, energetic, and really don’t have anything to lose.

This spring break I plan on spending three days taking lessons. I’m not very excited about how sore I am going to be but it will be well worth it. [If you have any tips for a beginner feel free to leave them in the comments section]

I plan on spending the rest of my life in the northwest, so I ‘m going to start and make the most of it :]

V-days (Vancouver and Valentines)

It’s been a whole ten days since I’ve posted something!

Not much has happened since then excepts for two pretty normal and fun events.

First of all the OLYMPICS have begun. This year they are taking place in Vancouver, Canada (very close to home). I’m almost kind of sad that I didn’t save up to go and watch them or attend the opening ceremony.

I’m not much of a sports fan but when it comes to the Olympics I am all for cheering on Team USA. My favorite events for winter: figure skating, speed skating, and freestyle skiing.

This year I discovered Johnny Weir, he is figure skater on this years American team. He is three time national champion and even has his own show on the Sundance Channel. Whenever I know of an athlete it makes the event that much more fun.

Of course the most important part of the Olympics is the medals. For the most part I skip this scene because it tends to be a little long and boring. I do tune in if it is an American athlete who has won gold because they play the National Anthem. I’m always surprised when I tear up, but it is such a good feeling (of pride) when you hear your nation’s anthem being played, it doesn’t help that the sometimes the athletes are bawling. It’s a feeling you can’t help.

Next is Valentines Day. Oh the day for L-O-V-E

I’ve never really cared  for Valentines day. The only  thing I’ve ever really liked about it was folding those valentines day cards in elementary school. Not even the chocolate makes the day appealing to me.

My yearly tradition for the day is to wear black. Why? I always tell people because “love is dead to me.” At first this was true but now it’s really just my own little tradition; I guess to stand out from the sea of pinks and reds.

I’m not going to complain about how horrible it was because it was just like any other day. I went to the beach, watched a movie, and had ice cream.

Who knows maybe next year will be different?

Salsa, Soul, and Spirit (and a little Spunk)

Yesterday I had the honor of meeting Ms. Juana Bordas.

Ms. Bordas is the president of Meztiza Leadership International, founder of both the Circle of Latina Leadership and the National Hispana Leadership Institute.

Before the lecture I had no idea who this woman was. Upon reading a short snippet about what her lecture was going to be about, I assumed that she was just like any other speaker (kind of boring). Boy was I WRONG.

Ms. Bordas is an energetic, charismatic, young(at  heart) kind of woman. She kept her whole audience engaged. When she noticed the audience getting somewhat bored she said, “A speaker is only as good as its audience.” From then on she had us hooked.

The lecture started off the Intersecting Identities  Conference here at Oregon State. The conference consisted of several workshops Wednesday and today about appreciating ones identity and others identity in today’s multifaceted world.

Ms. Bordas spoke about 3 different cultures: Latino, African-American, and Native-American. Hence the name of her book Salsa, Soul and Spirit. Within each culture she believes exist key things that we should merge into our society and our lives. By doing so, she believes we will create leaders without excluding people at the same time.

I am very excited to read her book (which she so graciously signed!).

No Sunshine Today.


“So what if this world just throws me off the edge, my feet run out of ground…”

Today was one of those days. One of those days when everything just seems to go wrong. A day when everything and everyone just annoys me. I really just wanted to be like shut up or just disappear. Being the good person that I am, I was not mean to anyone. Instead I cried for like ten minutes, composed myself, ate, and listened to music.

Ugh. Midterms. Stress. Life

Dead Person’s Trash Another Person’s Treasure?

What do you do when someone offers you a dead person’s belongings?

Today, I had my neighbor’s husband (the wife is dead) ask me if I wanted to take some of her clothing and some vases. I wasn’t exactly sure what to say… I ended up saying yes for the vases but no for the clothing. It’s weird to take someones belongings if they’re dead (or alive).

Apparently she had asked her husband to give away her stuff  to the neighbors. I just find it so interesting that you would want to give away your belongings to random people or people who really don’t need your stuff. I would have rather that the stuff I got or the clothing that I was offered would have gone to a homeless shelter or something.

Hopefully this will be some form of closure for the guy….

P.S-I still find it soooo weird that I have something a dead person once owned.

Johnny The Storyteller

Johnny Johnny Johnny.

I am so sad today. I am going to be taking my chemistry midterm and missing John Mayer on VH1 Storytellers 🙁 I even created a private Facebook event for myself, so I could remember what day and time it would be on.

Most of the time artists just give concerts, do a little dancing, and leave. I love the fact that storytellers is not just another concert but a show where the artist can talk about their experiences with the song: how they came about writing the song, where they were, who inspired it, if they like it or not, etc…

John Mayer, for me, was especially important. I have a couple of his albums and recently listen nonstop to his new album Battle Studies. I was really looking forward to listening to the story behind each song.

For some poeple, storytellers might not be for them. You lose the interpersonal connection between the fan and the song in a way . The mystery behind the lyrics is gone. Many prefer to interpret the song their own way.

Regardless, I will have to watch the few clips VH1 will post online.

Here’s a preview:

Would you rather know the meaning behind a song from the artist or interpret it on your own?

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Someone To Look Up To

Even though I’ve never met him, this is a truly inspirational experience. As a Latina I have had many similar experiences like Jaime growing up feeling a sort of culture-shock and never really feeling like I fit in. It is a continual battle trying to find your own identity and trying to feel accepted. What I find the most inspiring from this story is that he decided to fight back, with his education. Sure he was lost for awhile, getting involved with gangs, but he found himself and is now on a path towards a better future.

Alot of times it is easy to think that we are alone in our struggles, that no one really understands. The truth is that no matter how many people there are, helping or not helping you, the person with the last say is –YOU. There will always be those who help keep you afloat but in order to keep from sinking you have to learn to swim on our own.

Like Jaime it is important to give back to our communities. After we learn to swim it is our turn to help others keep afloat as they struggle to stay up.

I’m happy to see that everyday there are more people like Jaime, who rise above a situation and become inspirational stories for others to follow and learn from.