July-December 2017

  • July
    • Hold OSU project planning meeting in Corvallis to assemble team.
    • Finalize contracts and staffing plan.
    • Hire facilitation contractor.
  • August
    • Hold OSU meeting to plan focus groups.
    • Conduct advisory council meeting.
    • Prepare mock-ups, content examples, and other materials for the focus groups.
    • Hire facilitation contractor.
  • September
    • Conduct two general focus groups (five hours each, including lunch) with one in Portland and the other in Redmond.
    • Conduct two facilitated focus groups focused on Spanish-language content with one in Portland and the other in Hermiston.
  • October
    • Digest focus group results and document.
    • Finalize content development plan.
    • Hire facilitation contractor.
  • November
    • Provide draft plan and collect feedback.
    • Hire facilitation contractor.
  • December 31, 2017
    • Provide final plan, including
      1. Initiate an inclusive engagement process.
      2. Refine the overall content delivery plan through user-centered research.
      3. Finalize the planning of the pesticide risk communications.
      4. Advance planning for pollinator health content to support the initiative from the Oregon Legislature (see House Bills 3361 and 3362).
      5. Refine the evaluation plan.
      6. Provide a refined cost analysis and funding plan.

January-June 2018

  • Initiate base technology development.
  • Initiate pesticide risk analysis.
  • Assemble pesticide content.
  • Determine display preferences for pesticide content.
  • Develop specific content pages based on funding availability and/or in-kind contributions from content experts.
  • Launch pollinator health content in alternate format.


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