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Join the community of people in the Pacific Northwest that are excited to see the Solve Pest Problems program come in to fruition.

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List of community partners and individuals in support of this program

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Gari Johnson Clackamas County
Reilly Newman Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council
Heath Keirstead Benton Soil & Water Conservation District
Suzanne Teller Luckiamute Watershed Council
Pami Opfer OSU Extension Service, Linn and Benton Counties
Samantha Clayburn OSU Extension Service, Coos County
Nicole Sanchez OSU KBREC
Michelle Sager OSU Extension, Wasco County
Steve Renquist OSU Extension, Douglas County
Heather Stoven OSU Extension, Yamhill County
Signe Danler OSU Extension, Master Gardener program
Neil Bell OSU Extension, Marion and Polk Counties
Jeannette Byrnes OSU Extension Master Gardener
Cynthia Shaner OSU Extension Master Gardener
Hilary Hutler OSU Extension Master Gardener
Sharon Smith none
Kristena LaMar Lettuce Grow/Growing Gardens volunteer
Leigh Rieder Lane County Master Gardener Assoc.
Michael Bondi Extension Regional Administrator–Clackamas
Water Resources Division, City of Gresham
Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies
Dean De Santis DeSantis Landscapes
Anna Huttel Salmon-Safe
Gail Shaloum Clackamas County Water Environment Services
Amanda Greenvoss Oregon Zoo
Pami Monnette OSU Extension Benton & Linn County
Kym Pokorny OSU Extension & Experiment Station Communications
Gail Langellotto OSU Extension Master Gardener Coordinator
Rachel Suits OSU Extension Service, Hood River and Wasco Counties
Victoria Binning OSU Extension, Marion County
Jade Wilson OSU Extension, Yamhill County
Suzanne Teller Luckiamute Watershed Council
Dennis Brown OSU Extension Master Gardener, Multnomah County
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