Development Costs

The fixed costs to develop the base pesticide displays and technology for this information service is projected to be about $1.3 million, which includes a total of 7.48  FTE (full-time equivalent) over four years from OSU faculty and staff, plus considerable work from contractors for fundraising and facilitation, as well as contracts for community organizations representing diverse audiences to participate in focus groups.

It will cost an estimated $2.0 million to develop at least 660 content pages in both English and Spanish focused on pest management, horticulture, and pesticide safety and risk-reduction topics.  These variable costs are based on an estimated cost of $3,123 per content page displayed in both English and Spanish, with plentiful visual content to aid in navigation and facilitate easy web-based learning.

This state wide resource will be reflective of the breadth of pest challenges faced across Oregon and the 660 pages included in the budget will be prioritized via our statewide engagement process.

The total cost for the development of this service is projected to be about $3.3 million over three years. 

See Development Costs Analysis for details.

Maintenance costs

The content and technology for this site will be maintained for at least seven years after all content is launched to ensure that new pest cases are added and the information stays current and scientifically accurate.  Additionally, changes in pesticide registration will be reflected over time.  Total maintenance costs are expected to be between $250,000 $300,000 per year.

Fundraising Plan

As a high-priority project, we have already garnered $775,000 in initial funding through pledges of in-kind funding from OSU and cash contributions from East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, OSU Pollinator Health program, and a consortium of agencies with Metro serving as fiscal agent,.

We are initiating a first-in-nation, community-supported information service to make the important content outlined in this proposal available to people in Oregon and beyond.  Funding is being sought from other OSU administrative units; government agencies are being asked to provide cash contributions to underwrite budget items appropriate to their mission; tax-deductible donations are being solicited from businesses, community groups, and individuals; and grants are being pursued from private and corporate foundations whose funding interests are aligned with the goals of this educational service.  Permissions are being sought from OSU’s Foundation and Research Office to apply for additional grants as an OSU funding priority.

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