Analysis of Classrooms II

Hello, I graded most of the papers that are posted on Google docs.The paper was due on the 12th but there are 4 people whose papers I can’t find. Please send them to me asap. Those who completed all the assignments will get grades from me soon. Thanks. NamHwa

We will be meeting in room 222.

Hi, This is a reminder that you are expected to meet your adviser to inform what your project is about and get feedback on your data/evidence collection plan. I forgot to tell you one thing about next week. We will have another candidate who has expertise in conceptual change learning. So I asked him to […]

Hi, You all did a very good job in analyzing student work. I made some comments. Please revise the analysis before you put on a CD. You can find the table of contents of the CD here: Next week, we will finally meet again. We will focus on master’s project from now on. Please […]

The group discussion we had today should be uploaded to Google Docs. Thanks Jon and Ethan. I have an important reminder. We won’t meet in the next two weeks but each week has assignments due. By next Monday, you should turn in a Discussion Journal completed and WS 3, WS 4, and WS 5. By […]

I’d like to share your reflection on professional progression in the area of assessment. Please read or bring your reflection that you completed in December to remind you of your thoughts. See you tomorrow.   NamHwa

Happy new year! I hope all had a great break and took enough rest to start a new year. The assessment class, SED 515 (Analysis of classroom II) will be held on Mondays not on Wednesdays. Please come to room 247 at 1 pm on Monday. See you next week. NamHwa

I think I have been waiting too long.   I only have five people (David, Autumn, Marrisa, Ethan, and Jon) sent me a completed strategies.  The rest,  please e-mail me (as well as post it on google docs/fall work sample/) a complete assessment strategies by 23rd.  The file name should be “Assessment Strategies_last name”.   You might […]

Two important points: 1. You need to analyze student learning in Winter. Thus, you need copies of student work. I require you to turn in pdfs of student work in Winter.  Thus, when you give pre, formative (formal), and summative assessments, you need to collect student work and make copies of them before you return […]

Please e-mail me when complete assessment strategies are ready for me to review.  I expect it to be in your work sample folder.  Also, don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions. NamHwa

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