Winter Seminar

Thoughts On Differentiating Instruction • Your plan for meeting the needs of students with different levels of academic readiness and interests. • Discuss hurdles, concerns, beginning points, possibilities.   Using Inspiration in the Classroom • Download 30 day free trial – Inspiration software • Create a Visual Tool that you might use with whole-class instruction […]

From the reading handed out in class Respond to the statement “use of visual tools for visual patterning and thus transforming information into knowledge may have a far greater impact on student learning than any other set of tools”. You have two choices for responding; Write a 1.5 – 2 page essay that reveals your […]

Due 2/22 Critiquing Denise’s Group Assignment Use the 5 elements of cooperative learning Indicate weak or strong for each If weak, suggest how to improve If strong, explain why Read “What Helps Us Learn?” Identify (highlight or list) examples of differentiation Next to each, identify…Interest, Ability, or Learning style

After reading “Making Cooperative Learning Equitable”, construct and respond to 6 questions from Anderson and Krathwohl’s Taxonomy (Bloom’s updated). Deliberations and Impressions – Literacy Strategies, move to Google Docs. Hard copies of Teacher and Student interviews (literacy strategies and note taking) to Jeff Reference sheet (chart for lit strategies) completed and in Google Docs

Deliberations and Impressions assignment •Be sure you have read Teaching Reading in Mathematics and Science •Reveal your intentions, reservations, roadblocks, and emotions that you now have when considering how to teach content through literacy strategies •Be sure to weave in citations from the article Writing strategy assignment •Select a standard /objective (list these) •Develop a […]