Urban Buds

Urban Buds: City Grown Flowers are proud farmer-florists supplying high quality flowers. Together, Karen “Mimo” Davis and Miranda Duschack transformed an overgrown lot left fallow for years into a productive flower farm growing more than 70 different kinds of flowers. Environmental sustainability is paramount, so their flowers are grown in a field, in a high tunnel, and in a heated glass greenhouse with the use of Integrated Pest Management techniques, cover crops, compost, minimal tillage, and drip irrigation rather than harmful chemicals. Tucked within their fields of flowers are beehives that hum with activity, producing a rich, fragrant honey that carries with it the many flavors harvested from Urban Buds’ flowers. As consumers and farmers in an urban environment, they are committed to helping bee populations rebound. Their greatest joy is growing and arranging flowers for weddings. In June 2014, they were one of the first four same sex couples who successfully challenged Missouri’s gay marriage ban. “From this day forward,” they pledged to bring beauty, joy, and love through flowers to all couples choosing to celebrate their love with friends and family.


Josh Volk

Slow Hand Farm is a one man operation run by Josh Volk, where he helps small farms and market gardeners in a variety of ways and keeps his hand in production by working with a good friend who runs a small CSA in Portland, Oregon. Josh has been particularly inspired by the international Slow Food Movement since first hearing about it 20 years ago, and for even longer he has had a special interest in working with hand tools. The two fit well together, and while he doesn’t always work exclusively with hand tools, or with food, the Slow principles of “good, clean and fair” are always at the core of what he does. Check out these sites for more information:

  • joshvolk.com houses helpful articles, photo galleries and links.
  • farmhandcarts.com is specifically about the hand carts he’s been building and refining for the last decade.
  • compactfarms.com is the website for Josh’s new book! It profiles Slow Hand Farm as well as 14 other farms around North America and talks about what makes them work.


Ellen Polishuk

Ellen Polishuk is a biological farm consultant and teacher assisting farmers, agricultural professionals and eaters of all kinds appreciate and understand the complexity and beauty of farming: the nexus of plants, animals, soils and people. After graduating Virginia Tech, Ellen researched vegetable seeds in California for four years then returned to Virginia to rejoin Potomac Vegetable Farms. There she became one of three owners managing the Loudoun County location cultivating 20 acres of land using organic practices: 10 acres of vegetables and herbs, 10 acres of soil building crops.

For many years Ellen has presented workshops at conferences and meetings around the country on numerous agricultural topics including: composting, marketing, weed control, farm business management, soils and fertility, labor. She has worked closely with Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG) to develop and present Growing Farm Profits, a 2 day intensive workshop to educate growers and service providers on how to keep records, how to use them to analyze farm profitability, and how to change management strategies to increase farm profits.

  • planttoprofit.com has videos, a photo gallery, and information about Ellen’s consulting business.


Information about other speakers coming soon!

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