The Venice Biennale

A much anticipated visit to Venice and the Venice Biennale, one of the foremost international exhibitions of contemporary art that takes over the city every other year from May through November, did not disappoint.

We began our trip with a tour by a local art historian.

And then shared local snacks  known as “cichetti“on a barge on the canal.

Taking a vaporetto ( water bus) to the Biennale was part of the fun.

Mark Bradford’s moving exhibition Tomorrow is Another Day, at the US Pavillion, was one of the highlights of our first day of the Biennale at the Giardini, as  was Phyllida Barlow’s huge sculptures at the British Pavilion.

The next day at the Arsenale, Sheila Hicks’ installation was one of the stand-outs.

The Russian Pavilion was intense, but the Japanese Pavilion was lighthearted.

Some of us went to see the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Prada Foundation.

The Venice trip was a stimulating and inspiring experience for all!

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