We will be tracking just some basic notes for each meeting, kinda thinking of what direction the club wants to go, any special announcements. Or anything that we want to highlight for the week.

Week 1:

  • Resumes
  • Job Overview
  • Looking at what we want from the club
  • How often should we meet? Weekly or Bi-weekly?
  • How many guest speakers are you all interested in having each term?
    • Who do you want to hear from

Week 2:

  • Expectations for the 3D printer year long project:
    • How, if we choose to, will teams be split up?
      • By majors and interests.
      • Split up by what is needed to build the 3D printer.
        • Hardware
        • Software
        • Design
    • How much time would we want to dedicate to the project?
      • Spacing them bi-weekly so we can focus on the project for the full hour.
      • Stand up meetings – Once a month at the start then change as more people join.
    • Communication tools – Slack, github (code and documentation)
    • Where: Store printer in Johnson hall – Get approval from Sahid
      • Would work in Roger 440
    • Expectations for if other SHPE members (the guys) were to join us?
      • What would you guys like to see as being the expectations for that?
      • Being respectful and open minded.
      • Creating a welcoming environment
      • Accepting that this space is to foster the growth of our underrepresented community first and foremost.
      • Agreeing to not dominate the conversation and being respectful of each person. Not interrupting and/or disregarding what our members have to say.
  • Planning first group bonding event:
    • Hike
    • Soccer/basketball
    • Movie night/Game night?
    • Study session?
    • 5 dollar tuesdays at the movies!
    • Fibbage – next meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 3:

  • Discussed Sahids proposal to serve as consultants for the Precollege Program where we would be working with a middle school in Lebanon.
  • We will be able to choose how often to check in with the students and how to set up the meetings with them where we can give them feedback or help them think critically about the engineering problem they are working on.
  • Tasks: Email Sahid about what time and day the students will be working on their project and when we would be expected to check in.
  • Played Fibbage as a get to know each other Week 3 activity.

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