Winter Term 2020

Meetings Tuesdays @ 5pm STAG 212

Week 1:

  • No meeting!
  • Remember about Mealbux which needs to be filled out by the end of week 1.
  • RLDC! Come to meetings, attend events and fundraisers, get your name out there to get sponsored to attend RLDC.
  • ELItech summer internship! Get those apps in!

Week 2:

  • First General Meeting at Valley Library Willamette East Room!
  • Intel Internship opportunities for summer 2020!
  • Intro to 3D printing software, develop your own design.
  • Light snacks and after meeting SHPE event hosted by graduate students, food provided!
  • start thinking about next year! Want to be the SHPEtina coordinator? We will be talking a little about how that will look.

Week 3:

  • No Meeting

Week 4:

  • Crash Course – C/C++: For this workshop we had a crash course introduction to what is programming, the software vs the hardware and how they relate.
  • Looking at how to build IfElse statements, creating while loops, and how functions work.

Week 5:

  • No meeting

Week 6:

  • 3D Printing workshop at the Valley Library Autzen classroom at 5pm Tuesday!
  • We had the chance to print our own 3D item. Learning about how 3D printing works at the Library, other campus resources, and what software to get started with.
  • We had the chance to ask questions and discuss more technical aspects, learning how flexible 3D printers are when it comes to replacing parts.

Week 7:

  • No Meeting!

Week 8:

  • We will be having a fun bonding activity, watching a movie or playing Fibbage, vote on slack channel!

Week 9:

  • No Meeting (Possible we might do a study session if enough interest is shown)

Week 10/11:

  • No Meetings
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