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I really like those 2 quote from “the shape of design: chapter 10” :
– Hyde states that a necessary element of a gift is that it must be bestowed. One can not ask for what they get, otherwise it is not a true gift.
– The success of a gift is quantified by the experience of its recipient, and harkens back to the primacy of the listener or audience. The qualities that make a great gift are the same characteristics that have been used to mark good design in this book: thoughtfulness in the choices that were made, understanding and responding to the context, and using empathy to accommodate and customize for fit.
The success of a gift is mainly manifested in the recipient’s experience, which can be happy and unhappy. Happy means that the gift you choose is successful, while unhappy means that the gift you choose is unsuccessful.
After watched the Ted-talk “How to come up with your next big idea: Kevin Yu”, I learned that knowing “why do you thing…. about your idea is very important when you start to build a new idea”. When we trying to find our next idea, it’s very important to look around ourself because all the pieces needed for your next big idea are right in front of you.
When setting up a poster, the most important thing is to think outside the box. Don’t trap yourself inside so that you can have innovation. In addition, it is very important to detail the user’s feelings when using it, such as trying to guess the subtle actions when they see the poster.
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