Week 4’s Blog

From the Shape of Design CH5, I learned fiction and bridges to help design connections. Just like the bridge I drew in the first picture, design is like a bridge like this, it means that the products of design are not autonomous objects but are creations that bridge in-between spaces to provide a way toward an intended outcome. The drawing 2 shows that Airbnb is a good example to describe design thinking and design research inform strategic decision-making on many levels. Drawing 3 shows Airbnb’s Enlightener “snow white”. According to the article we know that Airbnb started the project, appropriately code-named “Snow White,” by creating a list of the emotional moments that comprise an Airbnb stay. They built the most important of those moments into stories. It helps them become more successful. Drawing 4 shows Levi’s using a new platform called FLX, which mixes technologies like digital imaging and laser etching, the company can create new prototypes (or replicate past ones) on an iPad and then have it sent to a machine, which then prints the final product. Drawing 5 – 7 shows the process of creating a creative brief, which is very important things in the design process. It allows everyone having a general understanding of the project or product. The last drawing shows the important of ethnography, Ethnography is a tool for better design. Great design always connects with people. Designers inspire, provoke, validate, entertain and provide utility for people. To truly connect, designers need to have compassion and empathy for their audiences. Designers need to understand the relationship between what they produce and the meaning their product has for others.

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