Week 3’s Blog

During this week, I learned a lot of things about Storytelling from class lecture and require readings. Through the group cooperation during this week, I went deeper to experience and understand every step of Storytelling. through require reading, I also learned the deep meaning of each step. For example, “Melody” step is telling us:“To be effective, your stories should have a chorus that resonates with your emotions and convictions. The power of storytelling often lies in its ability to stir emotion and motivate us to find a solution.” (aristotles-7-elements-of-good-storytelling)Through the require reading “The Shape of Design: Chapter 04”, I have learned that all design work seems to have three common traits: there is a message to the work, the tone of that message, and the format that the work takes. Successful design has all three elements working in co-dependence to achieve a whole greater than the sum of the individual parts.

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