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Giraffes and Lake Nakuru

Posted by: | September 5, 2009 | 2 Comments |

Hello all!!

Sorry I haven’t been able to write, I don’t have Internet here at Soysambu so this is a special occasion. Things here have been going wonderfully. Everything has come together on the giraffe project, and we did a habitat assessment a few days ago to record data about damage on the yellow fever acacia trees. The giraffe are stripping the bark off the trees, to the extent that it is potentially harming the entire acacia forest. Other than that, I spent a few days last week bedridden because I had the absolute worst sunburn of my life. Intelligent me, I laid out by the Delamere’s Pool all day without sunscreen, forgetting that we are at the equator and at 6000 feet. I’ve finally recovered though and can walk fine now. 🙂

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise and was able to visit lake Nakuru national park! In my last week in Kenya, I finally get to enter the park that I came here to work at. It was amazing. We saw both black and white rhino amongst thousands of flamingos, and had brunch amongst a herd of giraffe and a troop of baboons. To top the day off, it was our boss Kat’s birthday yesterday so we had sundowner drinks by the lake, and then headed into a nearby town for more drinks. Didn’t return until 4 am, which is absolutely unheard of considering I go to bed at 9 PM here. Great fun though. The club we went to is a little slab of England in rural Kenya, as there is an English boarding school across the street. I haven’t been around that many white people for 2 months now! It was a bit strange, I must admit.

I leave next Friday! I will definitely miss Kenya but am really looking forward to seeing everyone and having the comforts of living in the first world again. It’s going to be a shocker, though. I won’t be able to write again until I’m home, but I will send another email and photos later.

I cannot wait to see you all!

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