5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

In this day and age where we are inundated with content from all sides, all devices, at all hours of the day and night. It’s hard to create a landing page that has enough of a value proposition to drive conversion. So many landings pages trade function for clutter, so they can display as much as possible to attract our eyeballs to influence our shopping-happy-fingers to click the “add to cart” button. It has become so overwhelming for a consumer to really feel confident and comfortable that they are purchasing, hiring a service, signing up for something, that will be of value and benefit. 

After going through the material and aligning what I have learned this week to my past work experiences, I have come up with five simple ways that anyone that’s trying to sell a product or service online can increase conversion.

1st – Clean:

The first way to increase conversion is by making sure the landing page or website is clean.  What do I mean by clean?  It should not be full of clutter, too many images, too many videos, tons of pop-ups, multiple headings, and multiples links.  This clutter will confuse your potential customer and they will jump off your site on a dime.  A clean site should have a slick design, with a clear call-to-action, and a clear understanding of what the site is and what it’s selling. 

2nd – Pop:

The second way to increase conversion is to make sure the site Pops.  Besides having a clean design, the site should have a slick color palette that represent your brand.  It should have tantalizing fonts and clean minimalistic drop-down menu functionality.    

3rd – Engaging:

The site should be engaging. Meaning, the minute the user lands on the site they are fully engaged, and we have their attention.  This can be accomplished by having an amazing hero image, or video that grabs the user’s interest, and hopefully drives them to convert.

4th – Trust:

A landing page that has a high conversion rate, must be trustworthy.  Meaning, the site should include things such as BBB log, ISO certifications, customer reviews, secure payment, something that feels like the site can be trusted. Trust not only of the product or service, but also on the site, will give potential customers something familiar to refer to as they decide to convert, or not. 

5th – Deliver on performance:

Finally, to increase conversation a site must perform well.  There is nothing worst than having to see the hourglass, or spinning circle, while you wait for the site to react to your action. This is a sure way to lose customers, not only for that instance, but for forever.  Potential customers or lead have a very small attention span, if the site does not perform customers will bounce.  This is not only true for a desktop experience, but also for a mobile experience.  Any site worth it’s weigh in gold, should have a responsive design, so it can adapt to any environment, browser, and device that users are interacting with. 

In conclusion, the five ways to improve landing page conversion that I have listed above are from years of experience, not only shopping as a consumer, but working in different industries throughout my career.  These are the things I look for when reviewing sites or landing pages.  After all, in this digital age, landing pages are a representation of your business, what you do, and the type of service you provide.  It’s an extension of you, so first impression are indeed important. 


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