SEEk (Social, Ecological, Economic knowledge) is a virtual gathering place, a forum designed to encourage campus-wide discussion and thought regarding public policy issues that affect us all – students, staff, and faculty. Invited guests will pose policy challenges, then re-join the discussion as appropriate.

Please join the conversation: be serious, be funny, be academic, be creative with solutions, or be all of these.



We require that comments posted to SEEk be civil, on topic, and respectful. As a courtesy to fellow respondents and the academic community, OPAL staff ask all commenters to refrain from:

– Obscene, derogatory, or abusive language;

– Offensive writing tone and/or personal attacks;

– Violations of intellectual property rights or university policy;

– Intentional posting of false, deceptive, or misleading language;

– Self-promotion and advertising.


Comments submitted to SEEk will be monitored by OPAL staff; any not conforming to the SEEk guidelines will be deleted.

A very rapid two-step registration through onid helps us maintain the quality of posts on SEEk. Please log in to ONID in order to participate in the discussions.

Opinions and views published through SEEk are those of their respective authors and do not reflect the views of OPAL or Oregon State University.


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