Responsible for presenting the MU Board with a strategy and time-line for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) funding for all new/renovated facilities, and making recommendations on the replacement strategy for revenue stream previously supplied by the OSU Bookstore.

Co-Chair: Jennifer Creighton, AABC Faculty

Co-Chair: Morgan Cameron, Student at Large Member & blogger

Brad Alvarez, SIFC Student Member

Victoria Redman, Student at Large Member

Jay Lewis, Student at Large Member

Nik Bowen, MU Board Member

Alex Leziy-Miller, AABC Faculty

Michael Henthorne, Memorial Union Director


The Fee Impact Committee will meet weekly throughout the Student Experience Center (SEC) programming phase. The committee has identified four goals that will be addressed over the course of the two year construction of the SEC.

Committee Goals
1.  Memorial Union OSU Bookstore revenue replacement
2.  O&M budget forecast for the new SEC and Memorial Union buildings
3.  Cost analysis for relocation of Snell Hall groups
4.  Identification of all potential funding sources

UPDATE: MAY 30, 2012

The committee presented an overview of their expectations for revenue generation, loss, and anticipated student fee increase to cover the cost of operating the SEC to the Student Incidental Fees Committee. The committee is continually working to more accurately project the fee impact as well as keeping the SIFC up to date on any changes in projections.


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