Responsible for construction coordination general purpose and public space planning, construction budget, timelines and minimizing impact on campus and using sustainable systems/finishes. Coordinates with architects for historical district fit, LEED certification and public space planning.

2012-13 Committee

  • Michael Ryan Fashana, Chair
  • Sid Cooper, MU Building Services, Co-Chair
  • Larrie Easterly, OSU Project Manager
  • Joey Bingham, Student Representative
  • Logan Hardt, Student Representative
  • Sarah Lowe, Student Representative
  • Jeffery Nakashima, Student Representative
  • Deb Mott, Memorial Union Assistant Director, MU East Wing Tenant
  • Robin Ryan, Student Leadership and Involvement Assistant Director, SEC Tenant
  • Eric Alexander, Director of Student Leadership and Involvement, Ex-facto
  • Michael Henthorne, Director of the Memorial Union, Ex-Facto
  • Julie Sandidge, Director of Student Media, Ex-Facto
  • Kent Sumner, Memorial Union Assistant Director, Recorder

Co-Chair: Sid Cooper, Memorial Union Assistant Director
Co-Chair: Charley McGowan, Memorial Union Vice President
Tiffany Perkins, Student Member at Large
Khang Nguyen, Student Member at Large
Rebecca Noble, Student Member at Large
Michael Henthorne, Memorial Union Director
Larrie Easterly, Project Manager, OSU Facilities Services


  • The construction company of Andersen Construction has been selected as the general contractor for the SEC and the any renovation that needs to the Memorial Union as a result of the impact of the SEC.
  • Currently the Construction Committee is reviewing information from the work of the other committees, particularly the SEC Space Allocation and Policy Committee.  As decisions are made in these committees that effect construction issues, the construction committee provides advice.
  • The Construction Committee recently took a tour of the Linus Pauling Science Center during its construction.  This gave the committee a chance to look at current construction methods used on campus and by Andersen Construction Company, who will also be the contractor for the SEC. Photos from the Linus Pauling Science Center tour
  • The Construction Committee has determined that a LEED certification process is desirable for the SEC Building.  The certification process gives credibility to the LEED design that can be understood long after the construction is finished.  The Committee will make a recommendation on the appropriate level of LEED Certification.
  • The Construction Committee will reconvene this Spring and will begin a series of ongoing regular meetings throughout Spring Term.  This term will find the committee engaged in more exploratory work, the beginning of some review and the making of additional recommendations to the SEC project.

Minutes: 4-5-11_SEC_ConstructionCommitteeMinutes

Presentation (part 1): PART1-LEEDEB

Presentation (part 2): PART2-LEEDEB

Presentation (part 3): PART3-LEEDEB

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